Staff and Developers needed!!!

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Staff and Developers needed!!!

Post by Swegmec on Thu Mar 17, 2016 3:26 pm

Hello! Are you looking for a perfect job as a staff member? Want a community that will last? Want to join a new community that is just getting started? Pixxel might be the clan for you.
Since I only have 3-4 staff members and am looking to expand rapidly over the next month or two, I need dedicated staff members to help moderate and recruit new members into our community. If you are interested, look below for instructions.

-If you are applying for a DEVELOPER (Website creator etc.):

-Post down below ALL RELEVANT AND NECESSARY INFORMATION. This includes all questions you may have. There is no form for this b/c the job can vary.

[b]-Not applying for a developer?[/b]
-Fill out this form:

Thank you for helping our new clan!!!


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